About the Artist - Breck Rothage

"Using motion and light as my tools, I specialize in the artistry of the California wave."

From the shores of Laguna Beach, fine artist Breck Rothage brings the majesty of the world's most celebrated coastline to fine art collectors on canvases sized all the way up to 16 ft. in width.

Breck Rothage

Specializing in the artistry of the California wave, works such as Watercolor Wall, Painter’s Stroke, and 716am have inspired collectors of large ocean artwork from all over the world through exhibitions at Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach.

Sea Gem 16:9 Coastal Wave Fine Art at 6 ft on metal canvas

With the talent to pull intense depth and pure color from the environment combined with Breck’s rare technical ability to compose with purely motion and light, the result is a visceral, captivating moment at the shore.

The majority of Breck’s work is created completely in-camera – without any photo-manipulation used in post-production. A rare skillset on the art circuit, making Breck’s creative execution unique. The result is smooth, edge-to-edge, HD color on the highest-quality aluminum available – with the power to transport you to the sea with a glance.

Breck's Wave on the wall in Oceanside, CA

Celebrating his eleventh year at Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach, Breck’s artwork has graced the walls of collector’s homes across California and around the globe for over 19 years. Collectors range from corporate executives to medical offices and hospitals, hotels, and vacation homes, as well as the walls of some of the most beautiful homes up and down the California coast.

Sea Gem Fine Art at Festival of the Arts Laguna Beach 2022

For a fine art consultation, call the Breck Rothage Fine Art studio at: (714) 928-6111, or send an email to: Studio@BreckRothage.com

  716am Fine Art on the wall in Dana Point, CA in 2022

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Smooth Roll Blues Wave Luxury Home Fine Art Installation

The artist at Festival of the Arts 2021

Painter's Stroke Wave Fine Art from Laguna Beach at 5 ft. x 4 ft. in Mission Viejo Coastal Home

Sea Gem coastal wave fine art, on the wall in Dana Point