Shop by Color — Coastal Ocean Wave Fine Art

In every work of fine art Breck Rothage creates, his challenge is to capture the essence of the Laguna Beach wave using motion and light as his tools. Uniquely, he creates all of his fine artwork “in-camera” rather than relying on post processing programs – such as Photoshop.

Instead, the ambient light and motion of the wave have to come together in an absolute perfect moment to bring out the true colors of the water, the powerful motion of the waves and the beauty of the sea spray as it wisps across the crest.

Shop these untouched colors of nature: Aqua, Blue, Brown, Dark Night, Green, Pink, Red, Sea Spray White, Tan, and of course, Turquoise – all infused on the highest-grade aluminum canvas available.

*Shown below: Dancing in the Daylight

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