Turquoise - Ocean Wave Fine Art by Color

The most elegant, sought after Pacific seas glitter with shades in the turquoise chromatic spectrum contrasted by the warmth of golden sand and bubbling sea foam as the ocean salutes the shore. With artwork up to 16 ft. in width and buttery, HD smoothness, Breck Rothage Fine Art viscerally takes you to the most beautiful Pacific shores with a glance.

Turquoise is a blend of the color blue and the color green. It has some of the most calming attributes in the color spectrum – associated with refreshing, calming, and sophisticated energy. Variations of turquoise, often seen in saltwater, are also referred to as aqua and aquamarine.

Our fine art is suitable for both interior and exterior placements without ever fading due to our special color-infusion process onto metal. Every fine artwork by our studio arrives on the highest-grade aluminum canvas available. These are simple to keep clean, plus quick and easy to install – even at very large sizes.

We offer original artwork as small as 18 inches, as well as oversized works at 14 feet, 12 feet, 10 feet, 9 feet, 8 feet, 7 feet6 feet5 feet, and 4 feet in width. Plus, all works over 6 ft. can be split into artistic panels. This is executed exclusively by the artist in partnership with you, making your fine artwork a one-of-a-kind. Contact the studio to learn more.

For more artwork like this, see the full Breck's Wave fine art collection and the Laguna Waves fine art collection by Breck Rothage.

*Shown below, Breck's Wave - One of our most popular fine artworks by Breck Rothage in Laguna Beach, CA.

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