Size: 9 ft. Aluminum Wave Fine Art

Get large wall art of Pacific Ocean waves sized to a width of 9 feet on the highest-grade, infused aluminum canvas available. Created by Breck Rothage in Laguna Beach California, who explores the artistry of the wave through his original fine art. Get 9 ft. wall art that will make a statement, draw the eye, and start conversations. Found in luxury homes and corporate offices up and down the coasts of the U.S., fine art by Breck Rothage has been collected in fine art circles for over twenty years.

Plus, our 9 feet art pieces are always custom shipped to ensure they arrive in pristine condition, with global shipping available by request. 

* 6. ft x 9 ft. Triptych of Painter's Stroke. This custom installation shows a 4 ft. center panel flanked by two, 2.5 ft. side panels. Contact The Breck Rothage Fine Art Studio to find out what we can do to make a custom art piece you'll love for years to come.

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