Blue - Ocean Wave Fine Art by Color

Big ocean waves from Laguna Beach come in every color of blue. From cerulean blue to midnight blue, cobalt, azure, aquamarine and everything in between. In the sky above on special nights, you might even find YInMn blue. Time of day, season, temperature and more impact the colors of the sea and Breck Rothage Fine Art has captured them all to meld into any decor making a window to the shore with fine art infused on canvases of the highest-grade aluminum.

Ocean wave fine art up to 16 feet in width, including these unique oversized canvas widths: 14 feet, 12 feet, 10 feet, 9 feet, 8 feet, 7 feet6 feet, and 5 feet in width with fine art infused to the aluminum canvas.

*Shown below: Smooth Roll Blues fine art -  The majority of Breck’s work is created completely in-camera – using motion and light. A rare skillset on the art circuit. The result is smooth, edge-to-edge, HD color with the power to transport you to the sea with a glance.

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