Size: 14 ft. Aluminum Wave Fine Art

Discover 14 ft. fine art that presents like a window to the seashore, rather than just a canvas. Medical facilities, corporate offices, and luxury homes with expansive walls can infuse their space with the intense beauty of the Pacific Ocean with fine artwork by Breck Rothage. His fine art explorations of the artistry of the California wave have attracted collectors for over twenty years. 

Contact The Breck Rothage Fine Art Studio to find out what we can do to make a custom art piece visitors will talk about for years to come. The Breck Rothage Fine Art Studio can customize your selection into artistic, metal panels, such as the highly popular triptych layout on three panels, diptych on two panels, and polyptych on four or more panels for especially large walls – all done exclusively by the artist, making your fine artwork a one-of-a-kind showpiece. 

View more ocean wave fine art up to 16 feet in width, including these oversized, big wall art sizes: 12 feet, 10 feet, 9 feet, 8 feet, 7 feet6 feet, and 5 feet in width – all infused to the highest-grade aluminum canvas available.

* Custom 716am fine art polyptych shown at 14 ft. in a medical unit, with the artwork infused to the highest-grade aluminum canvas available.

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